Hombre pierde tabla de Surf en Haw醝 y la encuentra 2 a駉s despu閟 en Filipinas

La tabla se encontraba maltratada por el paso del tiempo a la deriva, pero fue rescatada
mi閞coles, 23 de septiembre de 2020 · 12:14

La vida da y quita, al menos eso es lo que nos han ense馻do a lo largo de los a駉s. Y es un dicho que viene muy ad hoc con el sucedo que te vamos a relatar. 

El poder del mar es incomparable, muchos atletas lo desaf韆n  con el surf y aprenden no a domarlo, pero s?a convivir con 閘 y a ser felices entre sus olas, hablamos de los surfistas.

Doug Falter, un surfista estadounidense disfrutaba de las olas de Haw醝 hace un par de a駉s cuando perdi?su tabla, la dio por perdida y pens?que nunca la volver韆 a ver, pero no fie as? 

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- Feb 3rd 2018 I remember I counted seven good rides that session. After catching so many waves I finally wiped out on one and my @lylecarlsonsurfboards board floated away after the leash came off my ankle at around 6:00 pm. I swam as hard as I could to try and get to it. I ran from one end of Waimea Bay across to the other side and scaled the rocks trying to get a visual until it was completely dark. I was really upset as I managed to catch the biggest waves of my life on this board. Thats why it meant so much to me. My hope was that a fisherman might find it. I heard Kauai was a possible landing spot for lost boards like mine. Having never heard from anyone I figured it was lost at sea. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. @lylecarlsonsurfboards posted about a man finding my board in the Philippines and contacting Lyle via Facebook. Mind you- This is 5,200 miles away! Apparently he bought it from a fisherman to learn how to surf. As bummed as I was when I lost it, now I am happy to know my board fell into the hands of someone wanting to learn the sport. I couldnu2019t imagine a better ending to this story than to see the sport of surfing begin in a place where nobody surfs. If it werenu2019t for travel restrictions I would have raised money to bring boards for learning and surf supplies and be on a plane to go and visit Giovanne. I could teach him how to surf and hopefully a few of his 144 students. He is in charge of a school on the islands where my board is and iu2019m sure some of the kids would love to learn. I guess this means for now the most I can do is raise money to send him a goodie package with wax, leashes, books and magazines for his students to learn english. I just priced out shipping for a box big enough for a couple surfboards and it was 600 USD to go almost all the way to where he is. So at the very least for now I want to send the necessities. We are at about 1,000 dollars. Every penny will go to this cause and Im so excited to put a package together! Thank you to everyone who has donated. It means so much! Link to donate in Bioud83cudfc4 Photo - @jdbaluch

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Dos a駉s m醩 tarde, en la isla de Sarangani, al sur del archipi閘ago de Filipinas, apareci?su compa馿ra de aventuras, pero ahora en manos de Giovanne Branzuela, un aprendiz de surfista que ense馻 en una escuela primaria local. Fueron las redes sociales las que lograron este hallazgo.

"Cuando la vi en la foto, no me lo cre韆, pensaba que era una broma", dijo Doug Falter. Branzuela compr?la tabla a uno de sus vecinos, estaba en mal estado y fue en 2018, s髄o 6 meses despu閟 de su desaparici髇, que la hallaron pescadores de la zona. "Era una tabla de surf que ven韆 de Haw醝. No era capaz de creerlo", se馻l?nbsp;Branzuela.